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Is there any charge or registration fee for using Techaid’s placement services?
No. All fees are paid by the hiring companies, not the candidates.
What happens to my CV after I submit it?
All CVs are reviewed by our staff. If your CV meets our criteria regarding experience and residency, your CV will be added to our database. If you are applying for a specific job and meet the requirements of that job, one of our consultants will contact you to discuss it further.
All CVs in our database are automatically included in all future candidate searches by our consultants. If there appears to be a match you will be contacted, typically by email, to determine if you are interested in the position.
Do you contact all the candidates who apply for a job?
Techaid contacts candidates whose qualifications, as listed in their CV or covering letter, closely match the job requirements. For some jobs this may be all candidates who apply, but for jobs with a large number of applicants, it will not.
Are all your job postings real?
Yes. Our job board is updated regularly to ensure that all jobs posted on our website are currently open positions with our clients.
There are no current postings on your website that are suitable for me. Can I submit a general application?
Yes. You may submit a general application for job opportunities by Applying Online. Your CV will be processed and added to our database, and you will be contacted the next time a suitable job opening arises.
How many years of experience do I need to apply? Do you accept applications from new graduates?
Techaid places experienced technical staff. We therefore require candidates to have a minimum of one year of technical work experience in order to be included in our database. Note : PhD studies can be considered as equivalent to experience.
Do you accept applications from non-residents?
Unfortunately, no. In order to respond quickly to customer needs, candidates must be resident and legally permitted to work in Canada.
I submitted my CV for a job for which I was qualified, but was not contacted by Techaid regarding the position. Why is that?
We regret that this sometimes happens.
The reasons include :
  • • Our customer closed the job posting shortly after your CV submission;
  • • A large number of qualified candidates had applied earlier for the position and were already being reviewed/interviewed by our customer.
  • • Your CV or covering letter did not show you had the necessary qualifications.
What can I do to improve my chances of success?
A well organized and complete CV is your primary marketing tool. Make sure your CV clearly communicates your experience and what you have achieved for other employers. Ensure your CV is easy to find by search engines by including appropriate keywords. If you are applying for a particular position, ensure your covering letter specifically states how your qualifications match the job requirements. Make it easy for potential employers to recognize your skills and how they meet the job requirements.